About Us

Our History

The FLOYD Theatre Festival was founded in February 2006 by aspiring playwrights Andy Carlson-McNab & Adam Alexander Kirk. The seeds of the festival were planted through phone calls between Andy & his great-uncle Floyd Carlson. 

Excited by his grand-nephew’s ideas, Floyd offered Andy money to produce the new work, but before the productions could begin Floyd passed away. Andy chose to press on, intending to produce his shows in tribute to Floyd. 

Gradually that idea took on new life as Andy with Adam Kirk, another aspiring playwright & producer, began collaborating in order to bring their projects to life. Working side by side, the two saw the potential of creating a free space and open forum for young artists to come together to explore and experiment with the creative arts. 

With the support of the Emmanuel Anglican Church Vestry, the Refinery Arts and Sprit Centre founder Angie Tysseland and the On the Boards Staging Company, Andy and Adam’s idea finally became a reality.

In spite of some setbacks, a little inexperience & a mild case of over-ambition, the first festival was held July 20 - 22, 2006 at The Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre. Originally intended as a one time only event, the festival received an overwhelmingly positive response from patrons & participants, which led to it becoming the annual event it is today. 

After countless personnel changes, 12 years & 71 plays, the festival continues to strive to provide an independent forum for young artists of all skill levels in an environment founded on the principles of creativity, confidence & community.

Andy Carlson-McNab - Founder

Andy Carlson-McNab is the founder of the FLoYD Youth Theatre Festival, serving as its president from 2006 to 2013, its Artistic Director from 2006 to 2009 & its Dramaturge from 2011 to 2013 & again in 2015. 

He studied acting, directing, playwriting & the theatre arts at the University Of Saskatchewan before pursuing a degree in political studies. Beyond FLoYD Andy has performed with Off Broadway Children’s Lunchtime Theatre, Orange Jacket Theatre, and Greystone Theatre. He has appeared in student directorial projects for the University of Saskatchewan Theatre Directing Program and The Regina Film Production Program. 

However, first & foremost Andy is a playwright, having produced work for FLoYD and for the Potash Corp Fringe Theatre Festival as well as winning the 2011 Saskatchewan Playwright’s Centre 24 Hour Playwriting Contest for his play “Discharge”. 

Currently Andy continues to work as a freelance playwright & dramaturge & has recently founded a new independent theatre company: Wallflower Theatre. His most recent play “One Day We’re Going To Soar” was produced as part of the Short Cuts Festival in October 2017.