2019 One-acts

Onward to Never by Grace Li

Two fugitives escape from what they thought was a Utopia. Now out of danger, they contemplate where the road ahead will take them. Unfortunately for them, the Leviathan is always watching over us. 

Breaking the Silence by Avery Wall

Breaking the silence is a short one act musical showing the two very different sides of dealing and coping with depression. Emoting through song, two young people come together to deal and cope with one another, showing that they aren’t alone and that mental illness is important to talk about.   

The Waiting Room by Cameron Robinson

The 1 Act play “Waiting Room” is about four recently deceased people from very different walks of life waiting for what lies beyond death together in a waiting room. As they talk and try to figure out what exactly they are waiting for in the waiting room, they discuss and re-enact parts of their lives they wish they could go back and change. This short, light-hearted, comical play is about the big and heavy question all people must ask: “am I happy with how I live?” 

Predatory Thug Fighters by Rumana Iftikhar and Humnah Younus

  A girl with a confusing and upsetting past (Hope) and a guy who is overly eager (Hayden), decide to use their kindness to help others. However, when the opportunity arises to join a group of people with the same objective, will Hayden's eagerness, put them in a difficult situation? Or will Hope’s practicality save them?